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History in the Making

From a crazy idea to reality.

The Tap Truck mobile bar saga continues in Outlaws.


About Tap Truck Outlaws

Our Tap Truck story began with a passion to own our own business, have fun owning our own business, and making other people happy doing our own business.

This is where our story begins finding our own business, having fun, and making others happy! We are Dave and Valerie Morel, from Huntsville, Texas, and we both love the piney woods area, love to drink a good cold beverage and are true Texans through and through. Dave loves classic cars and trucks while, Valerie has always been in the service area during her career path serving patrons and clients. This is where Tap Truck USA, caught our attention. Not only did it fulfill Dave and Valerie’s passions it was an impressive opportunity to start our own business within our invest budget.

Creating our business name “Tap Truck Outlaws” was a family affair and had a fun time coming up with the business name as well as “Bonnie” as her official mobile bar name. We hope to eventually add “Clyde” to our fleet one day. Get it, Bonnie and Clyde and they were “Outlaws.”

Our goal and motto with Tap Truck Outlaws, mobile bar catering service, is to let your story begin by creating memories and bring an entertaining and unique atmosphere to your wedding, baby reveal party, tailgate, retirement party and everything in between. Tap Truck Outlaws can serve your favorite alcoholic beverage or non-alcoholic beverage. Your family and friends will enjoy the classic truck serving them their favorite cold drinks. Let’s face it, what man/woman would like to have a cold beverage (beer, wine, ranch-water, etc.) poured right out of a classic truck!  

Remember, any type of drink you can come up with, Tap Truck Outlaws can tap it and serve it! If you are wondering if Tap Truck Outlaws could be inside a building on the sweltering summer Texas days. Yes, if it is allowed by the property owner and Bonnie can safely be driven in and out of the building.

Start today and begin writing your story with Bonnie and book Tap Truck Outlaws for your special occasion or event to create everlasting memories, she will not disappoint!

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